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Multimedia Features

A Cultural Heart for Big D

Images of the two new performing arts buildings in Dallas.

The Renovation as Art Project

When renovating the industrial building they bought in Berlin, the the artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset played with space and came up with clever uses for the former station’s features.


What to Wear


Thursday, October 15, 2009

What to Wear
G. Paul Burnett/The New York Times

Here are two ways to get your cult fashion fix. If you’re OMing your way to inner peace — or at least a tighter butt — head to Lululemon Athletica’s

flagship store in Lincoln Center. “Considering how many stores have opened in the last couple of years, Lululemon could become the next ubiquitous brand you cannot escape, like Apple and Whole Foods,” writes Mike Albo. Still, he liked their selection of men’s yoga pants and clothing “for that precious time before or after class,” when, you know, you’re tranquilly scoping out your fellow students. If the only buns you’re looking at are encased in high-quality tight denim, check out Acne Jeans, the cutting-edge Swedish brand. In addition to clothing that recalls “the glory days of Helmut Lang,” as Eric Wilson writes, it offers a magazine, a forthcoming furniture line, and, mostly, the stamp of European cool.


Music, Nightlife

Grab the Brass Ring

You know what your life is missing? Brass bands! The inaugural Bonk festival, starting tonight with a secret parade and a dance party at Santos, includes local and traveling marching bands (pun sort of intended) doing their best to get you moving — and, one night, bowling. Oopah!


Bedtime Stories

Tonight, the In the Flesh readings series tackles something you should never do in bed: laugh. (Well, laugh at.) Comedians and writers will detail their funniest (intentionally or not) trysts, and you’ll get to snack on free cupcakes. Another thing you should probably not do in bed — unless you’re willing to share.

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