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Who the hell would do a "web reel"?… websites are boring. The webs is for nerds. Go away internet. We HATE you, everyone hates you internet. Stop stuffing up our lives. I need a cup of tea with trim milk and someone please close the door.
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Resn Wins Best Interactive Agency
Resn is going to be at Adobe Max in LA from 4-7 October. We’ll also be shaking our tail feathers at SoDA unconference and FITC unconference . We’re keen to meet up with any industry peops (agencies, geeks, celebs) for long boozy lunches and arm wrestles. Let us know if you want to catch up... we’re quite likeable chaps. More friends = more party. Oh and we’ll also be in New York from 8-11 Oct and San Fran from 12-15 Oct. Email us at
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More Awards
Vote for Resn and we will pay you one million NZDs... we're nominated Design Agency of the Year & Interactive Site of the Year at The .Net Awards vote here. .net Magazine is also a big sexy time glossy from the Europeland... check it out, a bluudy gud read.
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Film Director's next Nightmare
Hits from the blog. So simple but so good. Like milk if it was B flat. Start/stop here.
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