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March 2009
Featured Articles
Newmindspace: Take it to the Streets
"We take a favorite childhood activity such as a pillow fight, remove it from its traditional setting, host the event on a concrete surface, and invite everybody."
Ji Lee: Fun and Games
"Everyone talks about ideas but few actually do them. I believe in action. It's the most important part to creativity."
Workspace: Naked Communications
"Think about ways that you can draw relevance and inspiration from other walks of life, cultures and industries. You might have a lot more in common with them than you think."
Featured Tips
Tip: Behold The Power of Appreciations
"If our eyes are always looking for weakness, we begin to lose the intuition to notice the beauty."
Tip: Insights For The Interns Among Us
"To intern, or not to intern, that is the question."
Lessons from Improv #3:  Failing is Good
"As adults, we forget that failing is such an important part of the process because we do most of our learning as a kid. Failing is good."
From the Outfitter
Action Book
"The Action Book is a spiral bound alternative to the Action Pad with a suede-like cover that adds a comfortable element to practicing the Action Method."
Action Runner
"The Action Runner was developed for the creative professional managing many action steps on the run. This small, spiral bound flip book with suede-like covers was designed for mobile productivity."
Action Pad Mini
"The Action Pad Mini is the ultimate on-the-go action management list. Originally designed as a companion product for Moleskine or similar sketchbooks, the pad keeps you focused on action steps."
From the Network
Icon Aircraft / Design System
"The Icon A5 is a bold yet elegant design that communicates beauty, performance, safety, and elegance."
Levi van Veluw, Light
"Van Veluw is back and he has covered his head with strokes of light generating foil."
Signs of American Life
"Some things can only be explained through pictures. Take a look at the subtle signs of life in America."
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