3 thoughts on “Dolce&Gabbana News – October 2009

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  2. Pix

    How can this win? When the background images behind the text areas wont render in outlook 2007? – This is over 80% of the market?

    confused – as anyone can do a great design using non compliant email practices.. The true artist makes it look great over ALL email platforms.. I would like to enter some designs, but mine work in most email clients perfectly and therefore have to sacrifice a few 'cool' Gradients and overlayed text over images.. Any ideas how the scoring reflects deliverability VS design?

  3. JBickerton

    We are design biased. But the email should be deliverable and though this one may not render well in Outlook 2007 it will render well in other clients.
    What I really like about this one is that they are trying. Most fashion retailers newsletters are made solely out of images with no live text or html. At least D&G are trying and we should applaud them for that.

    In time they will learn from important feedback like yours and get it right but for now they are getting on the right track.

    One of my favourite entries so far this year is this, which is the furthest from any fancy gradients or overlay text you could get.
    Just strong design and making the medium work to its advantages rather than trying to push it to something it is not built to do.

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